nailedNailed is another one of my favorite COSMO Red-Hot Reads.  This book is just shy of 100 pages and seems to pack a whole heck of a lot of story into those few pages.  The book follows Sophia Holbrook, who has gotten a job hosting a new TV show on a design / home improvement network.  She is going to be renovating and decorating a building – a building where she and her mother lived when she was growing up to help them get back on her feet.  Because of this connection, Sophia really wants to do a wonderful job and won’t let anyone doubting her get in the way of that.  Her co-host is a hot contractor named Fynn and their chemistry seems to be heating up – both on screen and off.

At first things are a little awkward because Sophia isn’t sure if Fynn wants nothing to do with her or not.  Of course, one night when they are the only ones staying late at the renovation site, things heat up and Sophia realizes maybe there is a mutual attraction there after all.  That is, until Fynn seems to be ignoring her the next day. Their relationship is a bit of a rollercoaster ride.

The sub plot is that the renovation budget was done incorrectly and they are now short $50,000!  The producer of the show decides that he will hold a benefit and wants Sophia to tell her story – including about her father.  Sophia wants nothing to do with it.  This was probably the best part of the story (line), though it came at the end.

A quick, cute read, and taking it for what it is, I enjoyed it.

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Warning: This show contains scenes of sexual tension.

Hosting a new TV show is a fantasy-turned-reality for diva decorator Sophia Holbrook. But concentrating on colour swatches is hard when all she can think of is her studly co-host, contractor Fynn Babineau. These two may clash over blueprints and budgets on-screen, but with the lust palpable between them, rumour has it they have been putting more than just their heads together behind the scenes….

What secrets will the cameras expose? Tune in tonight to find out.

Viewer discretion advised. Mature audiences only.

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