coverlettersIf you’ve spent any time looking for a job lately (like I have been) you know about the importance of not only a great resume – but a great cover letter.  201 Killer Cover Letters gives you a lot of tips and information not only on how to write a killer cover letter – but also where you should be looking for work and how you should be networking to try and find work.  While the basis of the cover letter has been the same for ages – the book also has information about more modern technologies such as email, social media and online postings.  I know that I do most of my networking on Facebook – but another popular site is LinkedIn.  I haven’t made the plunge for a personal professional account on that site yet, but I do have one for this blog which has brought me a few connections since I set it up just a couple of months ago (and that’s without me doing much work on my own to find connections.)

In addition to cover letters – this book should be able to help my fellow bloggers write pitch emails to companies as well. You want to be able to sell yourself and your assets to make sure that you will get the product reviews and sponsorship you are looking for and I think that the tips in this book can be used for that as well as if you’re looking for a job.  There’s also tips on writing Thank You letters which really can go for anyone, not just after a job interview. This is a great resource.

If you are looking for a job or think that you may want to start looking in the not so distant future – you should definitely check out this book and brush up on the tips and make sure that your cover letter makes you stand out against all the other applicants for a job.  I know there is often a lot of competition out there for positions so you want to make sure that you can do all you can to show that you are the best person for the job! This book will definitely help with that.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

The bestselling guide to writing cover letters that make you stand out from the competition

Updated with important new insights into email, social media, and online postings

For anyone applying for a job, networking, requesting a reference, or writing a thank-you letter, this new edition of the go-to guide addresses new developments in technology and communication and how they affect the cover letter writing process.

New content includes how and when to use email and/or “snail mail”; how social media and other technologies have transformed the job search process; and new letters/e-mails for innovative industries such as IT, social media, branding, cybersecurity, and website design.

Sandra Podesta is President of and the founder and host of live, online workshops, through which she helps job hunters craft high-quality resumes.
Andrea Paxton is a recruiter and human resources executive who has worked extensively with every phase of the interview, selection, hiring, and training processes.

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