Tuesday night, The Wanted kicked off their US leg of the Word of Mouth tour in Huntington, NY at The Paramount.  Before the show, I got to meet the band because I had purchased a VIP package through their fanclub.  Each package included a lanyard, signed card and a chance to meet the guys and get an individual photo.  The line moved pretty quickly, although it seemed like they gave everyone enough time with the guys.  I gave Jay a present and Siva thought it was just about the greatest thing ever.  I’ll have to see on Friday when I meet them again if he’s put it to good use! (I gave him a Phone Fetcher which I had reviewed here a couple of years ago!)

There were several hours to kill after the VIP had gone through the M&G and before doors were set to open. They let us in early and we were on the barricade in the front row but then thought better of it and went over to the ADA section. With all the pushing coming from a couple of people in the ADA area – we probably would have been better off trying to stay in the front row.  These people were completely oblivious to the concept of “personal space” or that maybe I was sitting for a reason and didn’t need a small child standing right in front of me!

Midnight Red kicked off the show.  I think I liked their set better when they did it at Foxwoods in October.  The set was a bit different and I don’t know, I just wasn’t feeling it.  Maybe because it is so focused on center stage (give or take a random band member coming off to the side) and we were off to the side.  The rest of the crowd seemed to love them though.

Next up was Cassio Monroe who I had never heard of, but they were pretty good. They had one song/rap about trying to get a girl to dump them instead of them dumping her which was pretty funny.

Then it was time for The Wanted! The strobe lights during their set was out of control and I had on sunglasses on and off for most of the show because it was just way too much.  They started the set with Gold Forever which I thought was perfect since this is, unfortunately, a farewell tour.  The whole show was pretty high energy, they did a few songs playing instruments.  They said that they hoped to be back soon. Let’s hope that somehow it works out for them and their “hiatus” isn’t very long.  The setlist was the same as they had been doing for the UK leg of the tour (check it out below) and it consisted of 19 songs which included a medley and no covers!

They had 1 outfit change about halfway through the main set – with Jay coming back out in an outfit that made me feel like he had escaped from a Florida retirement community.  Siva had on what appeared to be some sort of harem sweat pants?  Max’s outfits were probably the best of the night.

As I said, the whole show was high energy and did not disappoint.  I am bummed that my next show tomorrow will be my last 🙁

Gold Forever
Glow In The Dark
In The Middle
Running out of Reasons
Could This Be Love

Everybody Knows
Heartbreak Story
Show Me Love
Heart Vacancy
Walks Like Rihanna
Chasing the Sun
I Found You
We Own The Night

All Time Low
Glad You Came

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