You may have seen on the sidebar that I was planning on going to see Kris Allen at Infinity Music Hall in Norfolk, CT February 13.  But as my luck would have it, a huge snow storm decided to come and I made the decision that I wouldn’t be going unless things looked much, much better than what they were anticipating.  Fortunately, the night before I received this email from the venue – the show would be canceled and all tickets refunded.  I am hoping that perhaps they can work out another date with Kris in the future (Spring or Summer, perhaps?) because I do really like this venue!  I do have tickets to see him in Fairfield on the 19th so I won’t be missing him entirely and I am keeping my fingers crossed that more snow won’t be coming by to mess with my plans again!  (Kris ended up scheduling a last minute show in NYC instead the night of the 13)


2 thoughts on “Kris Allen – Infinity Music Hall – Canceled due to Snow”
    1. It was pretty bad – a 3 part storm, snow then freezing rain / ice and then more snow. I think we ended up with close to 8 inches

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