I had no intentions of blogging Idol this year and I had no intention of WATCHING Idol this year but I decided to check it out to see the new judges panel.  I absolutely LOVE their dynamic this year (and Keith and I sometimes say the exact same things, which is kind of creepy)

I still don’t think I am going to blog weekly like I used to with Idol episodes (it kind of makes the episodes less enjoyable for me because I’m trying to blog while watching and not totally paying attention as I should be), but I had to talk a bit about this “Rush Week” that they introduced this season. For those of you who aren’t watching this season – they have basically been racing through EVERYTHING. Nothing has been dragging out as it used to.

But RUSH Week takes the cake.  We have the Top 30 – 15 boys and 15 girls.  But throughout each of the nights during Rush week the judges picked only TEN of these 15 to perform.  5 of them rehearsed and had a song prepared but the performance will never be seen.

Did they pick the 10 I would have picked? I have NO IDEA because there are very few I feel like I “know” and very few I remember enough to say “Yeah I’m glad she didn’t go through” (And the one I can say that about I only “know” because I saw her audition for XFactor…)

Beyond that – on Thursday this now Top 20 will go down to the Top 10 and then the judges will get 3 wild cards.  And then we’re already at the Top 13!?

I mean, I know they draaaag things out a lot and I can’t stand that – but this extreme turn around, I don’t think was what they should have done. They could have found a happy medium, I think.

So to sum it up – I’m not a fan of Rush Week – it is TOO RUSHED!


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