STEMAs you may know, I work as an engineer and am always interested in reading more about STEM especially when it involves women. We really need to get more women in the field because it’s lonely! (jk) While this book is probably more for a course and in a group setting, it certainly has a lot of information that is great to read on your own and information on how to advance that you can probably use in your own job even if it is not STEM related. (Or if you’re a dude.)

There is a plan lined out and reasons why women don’t take the lead, etc. Lots of interesting information and I will definitely be thinking about some and perhaps putting it in to play in my career.

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

An inspirational and practical guide to discovering and developing leadership and innovation skills for women in the STEM fields

Transforming your STEM Career through Leadership and Innovation offers valuable information on what it means to be a leader and innovator and encourages you to discover and develop these skills for yourself.  This book integrates leadership and innovation principles with personal examples and profiles of inspirational women.  By providing a clear process on how to build upon your personal strengths to realize leadership and innovation goals, this book will inspire you to pick up the mantle and meet the critical need for leadership and innovation in the STEM fields.  This is a must-have guide that is relevant and valuable for women in all stages of their careers.

•  Examines research-based leadership and innovation principles to make these critically important characteristics both real and attainable
•  Empowers you to build upon your own strengths and successes to discover and develop leadership and innovation skills
•  Provides a practical guide that educates, encourages and equips you to pursue leadership and innovation opportunities

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