cleopatraScholastic has a new series of books called “I Am”.  #10 is dedicated to Cleopatra.  The book tells the story of Cleopatra’s life and in an easy to read way as the series is geared towards kids.  It includes all sorts of information and photos as well as a list of all the people you’ll meet in the story and who they are right away. When the book ends there are a couple of top 10 things to know and top 10 cool things to know about Cleopatra. It mentions that stories of how beautiful she is may have been exaggerated and that the only known images of her were on coins that she had made while she was Pharaoh.

This is a quick and easy read, 130 pages. I am hoping to read some more from the series!

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

I was the last pharaoh of Egypt. I am Cleopatra.

As the last pharaoh of ancient Egypt, I ruled alone without the help of my husband. I was a powerful and courageous leader, and I passionately loved my people. Much has been written of my beauty, but I was also known for my composure, wit, and strength. I was a queen who was worshipped as a god. I am Cleopatra.

To this day, Cleopatra remains a popular figure in Western culture, with books, plays, and movies devoted to her story. I AM CLEOPATRA will follow her journey from its illustrious beginning to its tragic end. Learn all about this legendary queen’s fascinating life in Scholastic’s I AM biography series.

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