Night 3 we got a break from Hanson (although Zac did have his solo show earlier in the day) and got to see performances from Matt Wertz and Paul McDonald.  I was super excited for this night because Matt and Paul are two guys I would absolutely go see (and have seen) if they were doing a show in Connecticut.  Maribeth wasn’t sure if she would like Matt, I told her she would and she said he reminded her of early Mayer. (a major compliment in our world)  Matt was up first and played about an hour.  Paul was up second and played a little under an hour.  Isaac was on hand to introduce both acts but unfortunately did not perform with either as I was hoping he would! (Last year he did a couple songs with Rob)  It was two solid sets and Paul got a lot of brownie points for throwing in MMMBop and Penny and Me in his encore!

Feels So Right
Cant Help The Way I Feel
Everything will be Alright
Get To You
What I Know Right  Now
WIll Not Take My Love Away
Someone Like You
Whenever You Love Somebody
Running Back To You
Everythings Right

Four Fifteen
American Dreams
Few and Far Between
Dream Alone
Please Believe Me
Still Fallin In Love
Sing Out
No Stops to Abeline
Atlantic City (Bruce Cover)
No Woman No Cry / Every Little Things Gonna Be Alright / MMMBop / Penny and Me

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