The theme for Hanson show #2 was Members Only EP songs or as Hanson called it, “Deep Cuts”.  Since 2003 each year Hanson releases a members only EP to fan club members. Typically these EPs contain several never before released tracks some of which were performed on tour, some are brand new.  Over the past 3 or so years they have done an EP release at the May Members Only Event in  Tulsa and played the songs off the EPs so I had heard some of them but there are also quite a few that I had never heard.  And yes, I did bring a list so I could cross songs off as I heard them.  They had given us a list of 77 songs to vote on for the Setlist voting night and I figured that they would probably stick to playing those 77 songs over the 3 shows.  Of those 77, 11 I had never heard before.

This show actually kicked off with back-to-back songs I had never heard before – In A Way – which was performed on pretty much every Live & Electric tour show EXCEPT the one that I went to as well as End of the Line, which as far as I know has never been performed live before.  It was all downhill from there (although, not really because a lot of these songs are not “staples” and have only been played a time or two before) until the encore when they busted out with what was the shortest Hanson song ever – Watershed. (And not on my list of 11)

After this show we did go to the bonfire, but the burgers were nothing like what I had remembered (aka the best burgers I’ve ever had) so we didn’t stick around for very long.

In A Way
End of the Line
Coming Back For More
Best of Times
Need You Now
On and On
Call Out My Name
Live Forever
Never Let Go
No Sleep For Banditos
I’ve Been Down
Sunny Day
Get Out Of My Heart
Take Our Chances
Leave the Light On
Roller Coaster Love
Sound of Light
Rock N Roll Razorblade

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