Each day, Hanson had their events that they did with the fans.  The first day depending on your color you were either with Zac or Isaac and the next day things were flip flopped.  The last night everyone had Taylor’s afterparty event at the same time.

We started off with Isaac’s trivia sessiona at 3pm our first full day at the island.  I was convinced I was going to win it – but damn the questions were hard!  There were 10 multiple choice questions for us to answer and Isaac did 3 head to head with fans for them to win a t-shirt if they beat him. (Or either way)  He had said that the next day the questions would be different so we figured we would hang out in the back and just keep track of everything (you never know what I might need to snag and use for Trivia Tuesday on Hansonstage…)  They seemed to be a bit easier the second day, or maybe the pressure was just off because we were playing for fun.  Matt Wertz also co-hosted the event – in nothing but his swim trunks.

The second morning we headed out to tie dye with Zac.  I wasn’t sure if I wanted to use my actual merchandise t-shirt or just a plain shirt I had bought because I was not very happy with what I ended up making last year. (Mostly due to the dye mixing and them not having cups) Last second I decided I might as well dye the Hanson shirt.  Zac gave demonstrations of 3 kinds of techniques and then went around and helped us with it. I twisted mine on my own but was afraid to pick it up to put the rubber bands on it.  Zac put the rubber bands on for me and said to use the grass so I wouldnt have to lift it.  I flipped it over and had some grass and even a twig caught in it lol  I decided to use Yellow, Pink and Blue and it came out really nice even with some purples and greens from colors mixing together.  WAY better than last years!

The final event for everyone was after the 3rd Hanson show. It was Taylor’s afterparty and it went until 2am! (Which kind of stunk considering the first buses to leave the resort were leaving at 6am and ours was leaving at 8:30am!)  Taylor played the jams and Zac joined him on stage.  Also joining them throughout the evening were their backup musicians as well as Paul and Matt.  We had no expectations after the dud of Taylor DJing at Mixtape Festival, but this was definitely a vast improvement. They were dancing and singing along and having a great time.  It was a lot of fun!


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