Half the time when I read these photography books, I do it more so just to see the awesome pictures than to see the tips and tricks. ┬áThis book shows the use of a lot of filters and saturation. I wish I had the eye or time to try and play with this with some of my photos – I tend to stick with the what you see is what you get approach and I often wonder how much better they could be if I’d stop being so lazy!

There’s also lots of great tips on how to frame your subject. I always tend to go for putting it right smack in the middle, but off centering it or adding a different focal point can make a boring picture quite awesome. And if you don’t get the shot right immediately, the power of cropping is quite fascinating too.

I hope I picked up on some of these things so that I will subconsciously just start doing them the next time I am taking photos! A book full of excellent information!

I received a free e-copy in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book

An outstanding image consists of more than just acceptable exposure and sharp focus – the two components that most photography instruction emphasize. A fascinating subject doesn’t necessarily result in a good image, and likewise, it’s possible to create an impressive image from a mundane subject. How do you capture that perfect image, and more importantly, what makes it great? That’s where this book comes in. Rather than wasting time trying one approach after another until something seems right or memorizing a list of rules, discover a new, more comprehensive and yet intuitive way to think about photography and see the world around you by using visual intensity. The quality of your imagery and the speed of your workflow will both vastly improve once you are able to use these techniques to articulate why you prefer one image to another. Mother and son team Ellen and Josh Anon have spent years perfecting their visual intensity based approach to composition, and in this gorgeous, full color guide, they’ll share their techniques with you so that your overall photographic experience, both in terms of time investment and quality of output, will become far more satisfying.

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