For my flight home, I had a direct flight.  I wasn’t sure how long it would take for me to get to the airport so I tried to get a cab before 10am and my flight wasn’t until 1:30.  I ended up getting there and through security super quickly and had 3 hours to kill at the airport.  During those 3 hours, I killed the battery on my phone. (And hadn’t charged my back ups over night after using them up on Friday as well, Darn!) I played $1 in a Wheel of Fortune machine that was taunting me, bought the world’s grossest bagel and only ate half and then just waited and people watched.

I boarded the flight early and they were talking about how there was someone who needed a seat and they were offering up $300 + what you paid for your flight to stay in Vegas an extra night.  I could have, Kim was still in town and had the hotel room but my phone was dead so I couldn’t even tell her and I just wanted to get home.  Turns out it was a woman in a wheelchair who did get her ticket on the flight but somehow it was overbooked and her husband couldn’t get on.  Since they weren’t sure if they were going to both get on the flight or not, depending on if someone wanted to take the later flight, the woman at the counter said that the flight attendant would hold seats for them up front.

Well, let me tell you, it was not the flight attendant, it was ME who held the seats.  Since I had 2 next to me she told me to tell people they were reserved.  Most people got MAJOR attitude so I tried to say “These are reserved for disabled passengers” since I thought they’d be more likely to be ok with that.  A lot of people were just like “you’re not allowed to save seats!”  Well, I’m technically not the one saving the seat the flight attendant is. But thanks for the snootiness, you must live in Connecticut.

But in the end I was successful – and another pre-boarder was behind me and she kept saying “for someone in a wheelchair” as people were muttering under their breath about me as they passed her to try and help me out.  She said that she thought the flight attendant had put me in a tough spot! But I ended up getting some extra snacks out of the deal and the people I saved for were super nice. (A huge change from mr douchebag on the way to Vegas!)  And boo hoo to those able bodied people who had to walk further back in the plane than row 2! The horror!

There was a nice view out of the window for most of the flight, I napped a little bit, I read a little bit and we got home just a little bit behind schedule.

I grabbed my bag and saw that the shuttle to my car was outside, but didn’t have time to call in my ticket.  I gave my ticket to the driver and he called it in, but my poor Panda was missing when I got to the lot.  Fortunately one of the workers spotted me looking around for my car and went and got it for me pretty quickly.

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