Stinky Sanitation Inventions tells you all about inventions that you use every day related to sanitation.  Gross to think about – but think about where we’d be without them!  No sewers or flushable toilets? I can only imagine how gross it smelled in medieval times when it got hot out! Ick!  While all the things in this book aren’t things I’d really want to think about because they are gross, I’d hate to think about the alternative.  A fun and interesting book on an icky topic.  Geared towards kids, it shows the importance of invention and how we can use all these things in our daily lives.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review I was not otherwise compensated.


About the Book

Did you know that people with rakes used to do the work of garbage trucks? Or that porta-potties were put on ships to keep workers from running to shore for bathroom breaks? Get ready to learn the odd stories behind inventions you use every day. From the T.P. of Chinese emperors to the landfills of ancient Greece, you’ll find out how we got the sanitation inventions that keep us healthy and keep the world smelling fresh.

The Awesome Inventions You Use Every Day series:

What would you do without deodorant, Band-Aids, or flushable toilets? Can you imagine living in a world with no television, and no microwave popcorn to eat while you watch it? We might take these items for granted now, but they haven’t always been around. Some were centuries in the making. Others were created purely by accident. This fun series reveals the mistakes, coincidences, controversies, and sheet craziness that brought us our modern conveniences and everyday essentials—from your basic sanitary needs to the latest gadget.

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