One of the big trends lately in nailpolish is the “Fuzzy Coat” by Sally Hansen.  I thought it looked super cute when I saw it online (and oh so close to Mets colors!) so I figured I would check it out.  It is a bit on the expensive side (I think it cost me about $8 but I don’t remember exactly now. D’oh, not like the price isn’t important in a product review!)  The first thing I will say is that a lot of people seem creeped out that it is actually going to be fuzzy.  It’s not. It is basically just like the glitter polishes that are out there but the glitter pieces are rectangular so a bit longer than what you are expecting.  It comes in a clear coat so I put it over my new blue polish from the Sinful Shine line.

It looks super cute. It lasted a long time (although a piece of “yarn” did pop up here and there and poke me which wasn’t really all that pleasant at all) but I will be perfectly honest and say it is beyond a bitch to get off.  I had a feeling it would be because glitter polish is usually nothing short of a pain in the ass, but I feel like this was worse.  It was actually so bad that even though I had 8 of my 10 nails done I actually had to take 2 evenings to remove all the polish because I just could not take it.

So, I will probably not be using the polish again – until I forget how awful it was to take it off.  OR if I do use it, it will be to accent just one or two nails so that the removal process will not be too traumatic.

I purchased this item for myself and decided to share about it with my readers. I was not asked to write about this product nor was I compensated for this post, it is just something I thought my readers would enjoy.

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