The Five Flirting Styles says that it is a game changer.  There are 5 actual flirting styles and you need to learn how to figure out what one works best for you and to use it, flirting is not a one size fits all type of thing.  The 5 styles are – Physical, Polite, Playful, Sincere and Traditional.  There is actually a website that will help you figure out your own flirting style ( It is recommended that you go to the website and get your report first before reading the book so that you know which is your style so you can choose to focus on specific chapters that focus on your style, if you so choose.

If you’re interested – my results are 30-40% Physical, 30-40% Traditional, 10-20% polite, 10-20% Sincere and 70-80% playful.  If I was going to pick one out before finding out my report – I probably would have guessed I’d have been considered Playful. Although, I don’t think I’d have considered myself not at all polite or sincere!

Each style is expanded upon in its own chapter with tips on how to spot each of the flirting styles and what demographic is most likely to be each of the styles.  After you learn about each of the styles and how they work, then there are some tips and hints in the following chapters so that you can figure out what styles work for what kind of a relationship you are looking for.

Certainly an interesting read and if you are single and not sure why your attempts at flirting just aren’t working out for you, you may want to find your style and read the book to find out a bit more about why it’s not working for you.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Flirt Smarter. Date Better. Love Happily Ever After. 
Do you always attract the wrong type? Have a hard time making relationships last? Or get stuck being friends instead of lovers?
There’s no one right way to flirt, but how you flirt says a lot about your chance at love. Dr. Jeffrey Hall’s groundbreaking survey, the Flirting Styles Inventory, caused a media sensation when it pinpointed five different flirting styles. First sampled exclusively with eHarmony members, it has since helped tens of thousands of people discover their flirting style and provided a wealth of information on how your style affects your love life.
Based on Dr. Hall’s cutting-edge research, The Five Flirting Styles shows you how to identify your natural flirting style—physical, playful, sincere, traditional or polite— and use it to flirt smarter and attract the love you really want. Discover:
• Where to look for love based on your style
• How to tell if someone is interested and avoid missed opportunities
• How to tell if someone wants a serious relationship or a quick fling
• If you’re sending all the wrong signals—and what to do instead

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