Painted Landscapes features tons and tons of photos of beautifully painted landscapes.  There are so many of the paintings that I just want to jump into and live there.  In addition to all the paintings, there is also a bit of an art history lesson throughout the book.  The book is separated by Eastern Views, Western Views, Southern Views and Urban Views.

There are so many talented artists featured and some of these paintings you would never believe they are paintings, they look like photographs!  Others are a bit more abstract but I think that is the beauty of art – you can all be looking at the same thing but see so many different things and meanings in it.

I received a free e-copy of this book in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

This book explores American landscape painting today, its relevance in  the contemporary art world, and its historic roots. This volume profiles sixty individual living artists whose contributions distinguish  important aspects of the genre and address land use, nature  appreciation, and ecology through landscape painting. Encompassing every style from traditional realism (with a contemporary edge) to  abstraction and non-objectivity, these contemporary artists range from  today’s art stars to emerging or regionally recognized talent in the  eastern, western, and southwestern regions of the nation. An additional  chapter addresses urban landscapes nationally. The range of styles and  reputations presented creates an encompassing survey of the trends and  enduring elements in this genre of painting and the art market today.

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