Sinful Shine with Gel Tech is a new nail polish from Sinfulcolors.  The polish comes in 32 colors ( and is 5x more flossy than a patent leather shoe!  The Gel Tech technology formula provides opulent, rich color and a brilliant shine finish!

For a while i was on a nailpolish “kick”, but then i was getting annoyed because by the next day, my nails were all sorts of chipped and looked terrible.  If i was going to make the effort to paint my nails I wanted the color to last for a while!  When I saw on Influenster about the Sinful Shine with Gel Tech polishes I knew that I had to try them out.  They are exclusively at Walgreens and the price is right at only $2.99 – I wouldn’t feel bad spending that much if the color didn’t work out – and if it did – then I wouldn’t feel bad going back to get myself a rainbow assortment of colors!

I chose a blue called “Break Away” as my first color to try. The polish went on no problem and covered well in 2 coats. It looks glossy and great! I have now had it on for just over 24 hours and there is not a chip to be seen.  The real test will be tonight when I go to a concert and am reaching in and out of my purse, clapping, etc.  I will be sure to update this post with the results of that test.

After the concert – 1 nail chipped, but it also happened to be one of the nails I had put another coat of a different nail polish on, so I am not going to hold it against Sinful Shine’s gel tech.  The nails without an added coat of a different polish all withstood me digging through my bag, clapping, eating, etc without any problems.  It may be time for another trip to Walgreens to pick up a few more colors!


I was told about this item being available through Influenster and by buying a polish and doing several tasks on their site I am entered for incentives.  I was not asked to post this review on my site I am doing so only because I thought it may be of interest to my readers.

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