The history of E&J Gallo brandy dates back to 1938, when Ernest and Julio Gallo used a grape surplus in California’s wine country to make their Cream of California Brandy. More than seven decades later, E&J makes its brandy in three tiers, and at the top is XO Brandy. Aged at least two years and carefully blended by hand in toasted oak barrels, E&J XO Brandy has a lusciously smooth mouthfeel and refined flavors worthy of its top-shelf label. Its unique notes of flavors make it perfect for mixing into a range of cocktails. Enjoy E&J XO Brandy in the company of friends, mixing up some killer cocktails from the recipe library on

Brandy is rich in flavor and history. The name brandy comes from the Dutch word branewijn, which means “burnt” wine, a nod to the technique of heating wine during distillation. But not all brandy is created equal E&J XO Brandy is made from the finest grapes and aged in oak barrels for at least 2 years. The time that brandy spends in those barrels is crucial, and so is the blending process – it’s what makes E&J XO Brandy so special and distiguishes it from the rest of the brandies on the market today. The result is a lusciously smooth mouthfeel with a bold, complex finish. Thou the careful blending of brandies at different ages, E&J XO Brandy is the best of the best and the finest E&J has to offer. It combines all the wonderful tastes and aromas that taosted oak barrels have to offer: sweet vanilla, creamy toffee, brown sugar and soft maple – unique notes that play perfectly in any cocktail.

Here are a few recipes – visit for a full library of recipes!

E&J and Ginger

1.5 oz E&J XO Brandy
4.5 oz Ginger Ale
Splash of lime juice
Twist of lime

Combine brandy and ginger ale in a highball glass, garnish with a twist of lime.

E&J and Cola

1.5 oz E&J XO Brandy
4.5 oz cola
Twist of lime

Mix ingredients together in a tall cooler glass, garnish with a twist of lime

E &J XO Fizz

1.5 ox E&J XO brandy
3 fresh strawberries
.5 ox maple syrup
4 oz Barefoot Moscato Spumante Champagne

Using a Champagne flute, place strawberries at the bottom of the glass and then pour the Barefoot Spumante in first, slowing adding Brandy and simple syrup until combined.



I received coupons to purchase E&J XO Brandy at a discount because I am a bzzagent in order to write this review.  Remember you must be 21 or older to drink and always drink responsibly.

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