Ok, I met 2/5 of the Backstreet Boys.  Howie had tweeted saying that they were in Philly and the next day would be in Boston and Hartford on their radio tour.  A while later, BSB tweeted with the details of the radio tour and that Nick and Howie would be at TIC at 12:30 and KISS at 3pm. As far as leaving work early went, I was trying to get someone to go with me at 3pm but my fellow Nick Carter lover got in a car accident and is laid up 🙁  (Get better soon!)  But my friend Christine who lives around the corner from TIC said she could go with me at 12:30.  So I left work, drove to Christine’s and we got to TIC’s parking lot.  We weren’t sure if they were already inside or what was going on – but the tweet from TIC to listen in the 12 o’clock hour from the boys had been deleted and we were nervous they either canceled or were in traffic.  We sat in the car with the AC on (too hot to wait out front!) and listened for some sort of “coming up – the backstreet boys!” that would let us know if they were inside or not. And it never came…

At 12:50 we were beginning to think that this was just going to be another chapter in the “Katie and Christine do dumb things” book and not one in the “This is really awesome!” book.  A large car with tinted windows pulled into the parking lot and I was like oh now what is this? and then the door opened… and sure enough – Howie popped out!  So I jumped out of the car in record speed (Christine kept saying she didn’t know how I got out of the car so fast!) and waved and both Howie and Nick said hi.  Howie asked if we wanted pics and I said yes so we walked over and he introduced himself.  Howie talked to us more and we took pics.  Nick must’ve been tired because he didn’t say much at all (or maybe he had nothing to include in the convo Howie and I were having) but I won’t hold it against him – I am sure he had a long day and a loooong car ride.  So we took our photos (Howie is holding my hand in Christine’s pic so I could balance – so sweet!) said thank you and goodbye and that was that!

I listened to TIC for the whole ride back to work (an hour!) and never once heard them mention BSB so I don’t know when the interview aired or if it even did!

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