Super Pop is a series of Top 10 lists related to pop culture.  It is really interesting and the author stresses that although there are 10 items on each top 10 list, they’re more often than not in an arbitrary order.  As I went through the book I was surprised that I really only was familiar with about half (or less!) than the items he had mentioned on his list.  Maybe it’s time to take some time to brush up on some of these movies, TV shows, books, etc mentioned in the book.

There are a lot of different categories in the book and it also claims that reading it can help you win at trivia.  I haven’t been to a trivia night in a while, but next time I go I’ll have to see if any of the items in the book happen to come up in one of the questions.

A fun book to read to see how much you truly know about pop culture.

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review. I was not otherwise compensated.

About the Book

Super-Pop offers a maximum-pleasure, minimum-effort way to become smarter, happier, and more likely to survive your next family function (or a shark attack). This hilarious and wide-ranging guide sorts nearly 500 different bestsellers, blockbusters, and underappreciated gems into quirky top ten lists, like “How to Outwit Death: Ten Essential Survival Tales,” and “Wax on: Wise Old Men Who Can Show You the Way.”  So whether you’re looking for some motivational workout music, need help planning a July 4th double feature, or just want to pick up some knowledge without straining your brain, this book has you covered. With new insights on old classics and fresh ideas for jaded eyes, Super Pop makes sense of pop culture – and then puts pop culture back to work!

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