And here we are. Kree vs Candice – the finale!

Finale Part 1 each of the girls sang 3 songs – Simon’s pick, their single should they win and their favorite performance from the season.

I thought that Candice won round 1, Round 2 was a bit of a tie and Candice KILLED on round 3.   There were 3 songs she absolutely brought the house down with this season (I think.) and so she HAD to do one of them again.  And of course she did amazing with it again!  Obviously, I am team Candice and would love love loooove for her to win!

Finale Part 2 was everyone performing.  I had gone to see Matt Wertz and fortunately, my cell phone died while I was at the show so I was not able to be tempted to check twitter and Facebook and get myself spoiled.  On the ride home, the DJ started saying “we have a new champion!” so I rode in radio silence for about 10 minutes until I figured the coast was clear (I wasn’t sure if he was going to play the winners single or not!) and when I turned on the radio again – The Wanted was playing.  Whew.

Interestingly enough, when I started watching the Idol show – they kicked off the show singing The Wanted.  Sorry, but I think The Wanted does it better. Just sayin’

The best part about watching it with the west coast (kind of) was that I could fast forward the commercials – and well, anything that I thought was too boring too 😉

Interesting that JHud and Adam Lambert performed.  An effort for Idol to show that hey, sometimes they produce ok talent that actually goes somewhere? and I thought Angie’s Idol was Colton. Why didn’t she sing with him? (Actually, on second thought. I’d rather Adam and Jessie J over Colton any day)

(Now I’m getting kind of itchy to go on Facebook and Twitter. But I still have about 50 more minutes to go.  I think the last time I missed a finale was Ruben/Clay and Facebook and Twitter didn’t exist! (Well, Facebook may have but it was before my school was added to it.)

I love the little clips they are showing of the contestants talking about silly stuff. “She always wants to stand up but her skirts are too tight so she can’t” lol  And Devin as Nicki! OMG.

And Candice wins!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

And I have just written what may be my final Idol Thoughts post. (I’m not 100% sure I’ll even watch next season, but if it annoys me half as much as this season there’s no point for recaps. We’ll see!)




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