Two themes this week – Bacharach / Davis & Songs the Idol Wish They Had Written.

Angie – Anyone Who Had a Heart – Great performance to start the night with!

Amber – Say a Little Prayer – Another great performance!

Lazaro – Close To You – I think that the band kind of overpowered him a bit on this one. It was hard to hear him – but apparently what I missed, was AWFUL yeesh. Judges on the warpath for him I guess they REALLY don’t think that the 5 girls left can beat him? Cmon now.

Kree – What the World Needs Now – I liked how she started acapella.  Good performance, but she kind of bores me lately.

Janelle – I’ll Never Fall In Love Again –  I still don’t like her. Please go home.  If Simon was there still he’d probably say this was something you’d hear on a cruise ship.

Candice – Don’t Make Me Over – Ugh. She is so good. So good.

Angie – Love Came Down – Another strong performance, but I think I liked the first one better (though I think Im in the minority on that)

Amber – Love on Top – I think she was singing a little bit too high. Not in the right key… hmm. But the judges won’t care, right?

Lazaro – Angels – This is one of my favorite songs so obviously its hard to match up to Robbie, but I thought he did well with it

Kree – Help Me Make It Through The Night – Oh did Kree sing? Sorry, I fell asleep.

Janelle – The Dance – go home. im so done with this season.

Candice – Love Song – Did satan creep in on her song for a second?  Amazing way to end the show though! (But thank goodness it is over. I was getting pretty pissy.)

Bottom 2 – Janelle and Lazaro

Going home – Lazaro (Even though I think it would be HILARIOUS if he hung around longer)

And Lazaro goes home – so it’s official – a girl will win this season.  As if we couldn’t figure that out when they stacked all the girls and put in mediocre guys.  I honestly hope the ratings drop like a rock thanks to this stunt.   The 12 year old girls that watch this show (and I am one at heart) like to look at cute boys.





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