Wednesday night P!nk brought her Truth About Love tour to the arena at Mohegan Sun.  Tickets were almost impossible to get for this show – I wanted to get my mom tickets for her birthday and I ended up getting 2 tickets in the same row but 4 seats separating us.  We probably could have asked everyone to scoot over one way or the other, but didn’t bother asking so we weren’t together except for between the opener and the main event when I sat in an open seat until it was claimed.

I hadn’t seen P!nk live since 2002, when I had 2nd row so the fact that she was now selling out an arena was pretty neat.  (And I’m not sure she’s been back to CT since 2002, but I may be wrong) Before that I had seen her open up twice for NSYNC on the No Strings Attached tour and it was kind of funny because that tour kind of revolved over the whole free puppets theme, and the opening act for this tour was The Hives who had a backdrop of a puppeteer.  It was kind of like the No Strings Attached tour backwards – started with puppets and ended with P!nk when the other tour started with P!nk and ended with puppets. (I just needed to mention some NSYNC in this review. I miss them.)

Back to The Hives – honestly I was not impressed with them in the slightest.  I am hoping it was all just an act – but they seemed really full of themselves.  The lead singer also had a mic on a huge wire that he would drag all around the stage and down the catwalk.  He would swing it around too, which is why I guess he opted to do that instead of using a wireless mic.  But then they had this guy dressed in all black (even wearing a ski mask) acting like a “ninja” to try and hold the wire without having us see him. (We saw him.)  And the guitarist was also wired and was walking around and had to have a guy holding his wires up so it wouldn’t knock all the crowd in the GA Pit in the head.  Very strange. (Although I guess it gave those 2 ninja dudes a job.)   The lead singer also wanted everyone in the GA area to “sit” (or squat) and then “pop up” at a certain point in the song.  He took what seemed like 20 minutes to yell at people to sit.  One woman gave him the finger so he said “F*** you too lady” back to her.  And said P!nk wouldn’t be coming out until everyone was sitting. (Dude, if people don’t want to do it, move on with the few who do.)  The best (or worst) part of this whole thing was that when he finally had everyone “explode” the LIGHTS WERE OFF.  It might have looked cool – if we could have actually seen it.  He also took a girls phone and was recording video but when he realized it wasn’t, he did it all over again.  Their set just seemed to drag on and on.

Then this guy… that I can’t really describe, walked through the crowd and was teasing people in the seats. He was up on the screens so we figured it was all part of the show.  Then he ended up on stage and was introing the night. He said “for the next 2 hours” – oh man, it was going to be a late night since it was nearing 9pm (or maybe it was 9 by then I don’t know).  Then a video of him singing the truth about love – as triplets – came up on the screen.  Very weird.

Finally the curtain dropped and it was time for the show to begin!  This was seriously one of the best shows I have EVER been to.  Pink came out from the stage and was hanging from cords, and sang Raise Your Glass.  The show was so amazing with all the dancing and stunts and acrobatics it was like cirque de soleil (Maybe. Ive never actually seen one of their shows except for one little bit when we went to see America’s Got Talent)  And the best part of all was that she was singing LIVE the whole time.  In the beginning, she couldn’t hear and was asking for help with her in-ears and joked about how next time if she lip syncs the show she won’t have that problem.  And you could totally hear her breathing while singing during one of the songs (which my History of Rock professor in college said is the way to tell if they are really singing!).   When she went out to the end of the catwalk with just her guitarist for Who Knew (I think this was the song) she said that she couldn’t hear the guitar so she didn’t know what key to sing in, so she asked for us to sing with her without the music so then she knew she would be in the right key and just busted out the rest of the song acapella with the crowd backing her.  She also made a comment that she had never had so many sound problems, ever and apologized.  She talked a bit about how she changed Perect to have FBombs because people said it was too much of a mom song which she liked because being a mom is the best thing she’s done, but it’s also a diss.  She said it got to the point where she couldn’t be saying swears when she knew there’d be little kids there.  (I noticed she kind of censored herself during some of the other songs too by holding the mic away a bit on the bad words!)

I have to say that I think that the best performance was of Sober – “I’m safe, up high” was taken a bit literally when she went in to an egg shaped cage which was raised above the stage and then she got out and walked around it, at points she was joined by her 3 male dancers and 2 female and they did all sorts of stunts and tricks on this egg – all while Pink was STILL SINGING.  It was amazing and see if you can find it on youtube. (I didn’t take any videos because most of the time I was just sitting there in complete awe of everything that was going on)

When she was doing the medley of her older songs (which I still managed to know every word to) she stopped because her pants were coming apart and yelled I DID IT AGAIN and then tried to fix them while everything else was still going on around her with the dancing.

The finale was also absolutely amazing!  Pink came out with a ring around her waist and her dancers hooked her up to 4 wires and then she flew and bounced alllll the way to the back and the sides. It was amazing.  Again – all while still singing.  There were also a couple of poles in the back that she stood on and even did a handstand on.

Seriously, so blown away and it will be a while (if ever) that I think anyone can ever top that performance.  I know she just added a second leg – so if she is coming anywhere remotely near you – you absolutely must go!

Raise Your Glass
Walk of Shame
Just Like a Pill
U + UR Hand
Leave Me Alone
Wicked Games
Just Give Me A Reason
Are We All We Are
How Come You’re Not Here
Who Knew
Most Girls / There You Go / You Make Me Sick
Slut Like You
Blow Me One Last Kiss

So What
Glitter in the Air

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