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Every year I make a ton of New Years Resolutions and I am sure that you do too.  The problem is, how can I stick with them?  I’m not sure I’ve ever really seen any of my resolutions through for the whole year. Ok, maybe one or two here and there but it is a small perfectange when you think about just how many resolutions I have made over the years!

This year I’ve thought about a resolution about weight loss and maybe going to the gym to work on my fitness.  Seriously that seems to be a typical new years resolution for everyone and going ahead of it is something that I want to do. Fitness is so important that I am revolving my whole life around it and using more testosterone boosting dietary supplements for a huge metabolism increase to get me going and starting my day off right. Of course, I have some concert goals for 2013 as usual and I want to get rid of my leg brace (though I guess that goes under fitness since I need to get my legs nice and strong!)  But the biggest resultion of all for me? I need to find a way to put my time to good use.  I can easily spend hours wasting time on the internet when I need to be working on coding my fan sites, learning new computer skills (I am taking classes on Photoshop, Dreamweaver and Flash!) or this blog!  Another time sucker that I hate doing? Grocery shopping.

Time is precious and I don’t want to spend it going up and down every aisle, pushing a heavy cart and dodging all the other people in the store who are going too slow, blocking the items I really want or any of those other annoyances that pop up when you are at a brick and mortar grocery store.

I’ve now been introduced to, which offers grocery delivery!  I can find grocery bargains, place an order through the mygofer website and have the items delivered to my home that same day!  If I need items NOW, mygofer has partnered with KMart to provide pickup locations for their customers across the country,  The site is designed for people who would prefer to put their time to good use and not waste it in the grocery store. (Like me! While I looove to shop, grocery shopping does not count as far as I am concerned!) also offers Shop Your Way Rewards where you as a customer can earn points on all the items your purchase and then you can redeem these rewards in the form of discounts on future offers.  Since they are partnered with KMart, items are not as expensive as you may think.  The website has prices that are competitive and many prices may even be less expensive than your local stores.

In addition to food items you can also purchase health & wellness products, beauty supply products, baby or pet supplies just like you can on a trip to your nearest grocery store.  Now, instead of wasting time on the internet I can shop for everything that I need through and re-stock all the shelves at the house!

Check out, take time going up and down every virtual aisle without leaving the comfort of your home – or get some of your errands run while you are at work! (shh! don’t tell the boss)

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