Well, I did things a little backwards this week, though not on purpose.  I was at Jingle Ball concerts both nights the show aired so I was “spoiled” on twitter about who went home long before I ever had a chance to watch the episodes.  So here are my thoughts and I will try to temporarily forget who went home to give my thoughts – but I obviously won’t make any picks of who I think will be going home because that would just be silly.

Cece – Edge of Glory – another horrible performance from Cece. It’s sad that she thinks she is so great and isn’t in tune with reality.

Emblem 3 – Just The Way You Are – Demi thinks they stand next to each other? They’ll show her and SIT next to each other.  (but really demi needs to stfu. she is so rude to simon and it is not cute in the slightest)  I didn’t think it was their best performance, although everyone else did.  I must have missed something. (Oh wait. Demi agreed.)

Carly Rose – As Long As You Love Me – I’ve heard this live by Justin the past 2 nights and could only WISH it had sounded as amazing as this rendition.

Fifth Harmony – Fire To The Rain – I thought this was a great performance from them. (And wow LA was harsh!)

Diamond – This is Man’s World – I think the song was a bit too big for her, though the performance was good.

Tate – Living on a Prayer – I feel like it was a bit of a risk to play a rock song unplugged… and I didn’t really like it. (Or I just don’t like Tate)

Cece – Part Of Me – Another crap performance. Wow.

Emblem 3 – Forever Young – I kind of go back and forth with whether or not I like these guys and I wasn’t feeling it tonight.

Carly Rose – If I Were a Boy – another amazing carly rose performance

Fifth Harmony – Give Your Heart A Break – I liked this performance it was fun. Could have gone with a different song, but whatever.

Diamond – Diamond – I liked this performance much better than her first.

Tate – If Tomorrow Never Comes – Better performance and he should stick to country even though I dont love him at all.


The lowest vote getter is CECE! Finally.

Safe Acts: Emblem 3, Carly Rose, Tate

Fifth Harmony and Diamond sing for survival!

I think that emotions and nerves took over in Diamond’s performance and that Fifth Harmony definitely did the better job.

Simon chooses to send home Diamond.

Britney chooses to send home Fifth Harmony.

LA, after bashing Fifth Harmony all night – decides to send home Diamond.

Demi seals the deal but choosing to send home Diamond.

Diamond had a great attitude about leaving too!

4th – Fifth Harmony

3rd – Emblem 3

2nd – Carly Rose

1st – Tate

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