Time for the semi-finals! Team Blake vs Team Cee Lo! Terry, Cassadee, Nicholas and Trevin are left and THREE will advance, only 1 will eliminated.

Trevin – Wind Beneath My Wings – Not bad except for his higher register. He needs to get better control and he will be amazing.

Nicholas – You Are So Beautiful – Flawless. And his kiddos are so cute.

Cassadee – Stupid Boy – Decent performance. She’ll probably make it through no matter what since she already had a fan base before the show though so what does it matter.

Terry – Let It Be – Another great performance from Terry.


Ideally, I’d like it to be Trevin to go home – but honestly, I have no idea who it will be!


Our first finalist of 3 is Terry!

The second finalist is Cassadee!

We are down to team Cee Lo – Trevin and Nicholas. Who will join the finale?

The last finalist is…


heyyyy I got an elimination right ;)

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