Settle Down
Looking Hot
One More Summer
Push and Shove
Dreaming The Same Dream

No Doubt’s “Push and Shove” was their first release in over 10 years, having taken a bit of a hiatus while Gwen pursued her solo career.  I used to love Tragic Kingdom back when I was in middle / high school, so I am glad that Push and Shove does still have some of that sound to it.  I didn’t really follow them any more when Return to Saturn came out – at that point I had already moved on to all things boybands. The same for Rock Steady, which was released in 2001.

I think that this is a really solid release from No Doubt, and has dragged me back in.  I’d love to see them on tour!  These songs are fun and up beat and I’d love to see Gwen on stage in person!

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