Tuesday night was K104′s  Not So Silent Night.  Some friends of mine found out about this show before it was really announced and that The Wanted would be headlining, so of course I had to go.  Shortly after buying a GA seat, they released VIP pit seats.  At first they said these would be “front row seats” but they were actually just access to a front pit which we’d be released into around 3pm and the show wouldn’t end til 11.  Considering this, I decided taking the wheelchair was the way to go because there was no way I was going to be able to stand that long.

The show kicked off at 5pm with Olly Murs despite the guys at the venue saying the show wouldn’t start until 6 and everyone would be doing 45 minute sets.  Olly did 3 songs – Heart Skips a Beat, Oh My Goodness and Troublemaker.  Clearly NOT a 45 minute set (we’d have been there into the next day if they did!)

Next up was The Ready Set – who did a set of More Than Alive, Young Forever, Spinnin’, Killer, Give Me Your Hand (Best Song Ever) and Love Like Woe.

After that I stopped keeping track of the setlists because I didn’t know any of the acts.  But also performing was Austin Mahone, Rita Ora, Chris Wallace, and Boys Like Girls.

Boys Like Girls frontman (I think, I was sitting and couldn’t really see anything) had the band completely stop playing when they were going to do love drunk and then called out some girl who was going to record the song and went on this big rant about how the had a ton of other videos of them performing the song the exact same way on YouTube and that we should all put our cameras away.  Of course, this was the song I had handed my camera to Sarah to take photos for me (She took all the photos but The Wanted for me so I didn’t have to stand) so I only have a couple of them.

After their set I did find a pick on the ground though that must have slipped out of someone’s hand!

The bad thing about being in the middle of the crowd was there were a lot of young girls who didn’t know how to handle themselves.  At one point, a girl tried to drink water and ended it up spitting it out all over everyone.  Thank GOODNESS it was just water or things would have gone downhill FAST. (Her friend later came back saying she did start throwing up. I am glad they got her out of there in time!)

Then there was a girl during Boys Like Girls who was attempting to crowd surf by climbing over the barricade and attempting to land on me.  I felt a foot hit my arm and then saw my friend yell at her for almost falling on me and then pushed her back over the barricade.  There was a bit of fighting going on but when security came over nothing happened.

Finally it was time for The Wanted. The crowd surged a bit so girls got in front of me that weren’t there before so I ended up 3rd row.  (The barricade had a lip and since there were already girls there, I didn’t want to have the wheelchair half on the barricade and half on the floor because it wouldn’t be stable, so these girls took advantage of that and then wondered why they kept bumping into the leg rests throughout the show. Duh!)

I *think* I have The Wanted’s set but it might not be in the right order, I tried to record a clip of each song but failed miserably. I know I forgot to record any of Heart Vacancy and the first couple are so short in time I have no idea what they are now.  I love how in the moment I am like “Oh that was enough for me to figure it out!” haha, nope (I also didn’t think so much crowd noise would be picked up – not used to the video on the new camera yet!)

All Time Low
Heart Vacancy
Gold Forever
Chasing The Sun
I Found You
Glad You Came

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