Random Acts of Travel combines 2 of my favorite things – travel and pop culture references! The book clocks in at just over 400 pages and it did take me quite some time to get through – but not because I wasn’t enjoying it. There is just a LOT of information in the book to read through.  There is also a Photo Gallery online that you can follow along with the photos while you read the book at Dean’s Google Plus page.

The book starts off with a warning about offensive language and that reader discretion is advised.  I wouldn’t recommend this book for a young kid but I would for anyone else who can handle the language. The author also suggests that you have Google handy if you don’t watch 30 hours of TV a week  – of course I had no problem keeping up with all of them. (I watch way too much TV.)

I love Dean’s writing style – it is almost more like he is having a conversation with you about where he and his wife went and what they saw than you are reading a book.

I now know where I should travel for the best food – or the worst food (not sure why I’d do that though), for the best views, etc.

If you are like me and love travel (and pop culture) then I definitely recommend this book.  The places they go and the amount of stories that are in this book is fascinating. And I wish I was half as humorous with my blog posts.  Also – make sure you look at the photos while you are reading the book.  I didn’t and the whole time was like “Man I should be looking at these pictures” and then looked at them all at the end.  The pictures are great but I think I’d have liked them better in context. So don’t make the same mistake I did :)

You can pick up the book on Amazon for $3.99 (http://www.amazon.com/Random-Acts-Travel-Trepidation-ebook/dp/B008RZMZ30) – OR you can enter here to win a copy! Dean has been kind enough to offer to do a giveaway.

I received a free copy in order to write this review.

About the Book

Travelling through our diverse and fascinating world can be invigorating, uplifting and life changing. Of course, it can also be baffling, disgusting, aggravating and ridiculous. This hilarious tribute to world travel is full of humorous stories and shocking advice that will inspire you, make you laugh out loud and slowly but surely convince you to stock up on hand sanitizer.

About the Author

Dean Johnston was born in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Canada back around the time Canada was playing Russia in the original Summit Series. Duff Pounder is his pen name but don’t be intimidated, he does other stuff, too. He is a former financial planner who has blogged extensively about his travels and written numerous travel articles and financial resources. Random Acts of Travel is the first full length project he has managed to complete, although he does have all sorts of ideas and a lot of partially written material which had been going well at one time or another before he got distracted, probably by the return of The Mentalist or going shopping for ponchos. This is probably his political side coming out.

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