Look Twice is the sequel to Blaze of Glory which I reviewed last year. I have been anticipating the second book since I finished the first, and was beyond thrilled when I was contacted by the author and told that it was out and ready for me to review!

If you haven’t read the first book then I wouldn’t recommend this review until you have – unless you don’t mind being spoiled.  This book revolves around the big secret that happened at the end of the first book.

(You’ve been warned.)  Tea (Tay-a) and Jaden are “cousins” – Tea’s mom married Dec when she was young and Jaden is his nephew.  But they grow close and begin dating.  Most of the book is them trying to convince their family that it is not strange and they are not really cousins and love each other.

A sub story is that Tea and her twin brother Seth are trying to find their biological father.  Their mother has since passed away and they were raised by their step father Dec.  The know nothing about their father but try to get some help from a woman that they meet through the farm and horses who is an immigration lawyer.  They call everyone with his name asking if he knew their mother and explain they are trying to find their father.  The name is pretty common and they have a lot of people to talk to – will they eventually find the man who is responsible for giving them life? And what will the stepfather who raised them think once he finds out what they are up to?

I have to say I think I liked the first book better, not to say that this one was bad, but this one set up a lot of things still to come, so I am looking forward to seeing how all those stories end up turning out in the 3rd book which should be coming out sometime in 2013.  It also got picked up to be a TV Show so I am very much so looking forward to seeing who gets cast as all the characters and to see how that ends up bringing the book to life!

I received a free e-copy of this book from the author in order to write this review.

About the Book

The eagerly anticipated sequel to ‘Blaze of Glory’ – soon to be a major new television series!

Blood is thicker than water.
I didn’t understand that expression when I was a kid. I only knew that I was closer to my brother Seth than to anyone else in the world. He was the calm to my storm, the light to my dark. We were tied to the rest of our complicated family by bonds beyond blood—love, loyalty, convenience—but as it turns out, the pull of blood is strong. Maybe even strong enough to tear me away from the person with whom I shared my very first breath.

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