Wednesday night’s show was Thanksgiving themed and each contestant dedicated their song to someone they are thankful for.  Two acts will be going home again tomorrow! That I wasn’t expecting.

Tate – I’m Already There – I really can’t get in to him and I’ll be honest. I fast forwarded through most of this performance. (The perks of starting the show a few minutes late)

Diamond – Because You Loved Me – I think she could have done better with this song, but it wasn’t bad by any means.

Emblem 3 – Secrets – Im a sucker for harmonies and I think they did great with them this week!

Arin – Hero – I think that he really improved on this song. I really liked it and going in to tonight I thought that he may be in the bottom if he didn’t improve, but I think that he might hang around a bit longer after that.  (Although now that they just said 2 are going home, I may need to re think a bit. We’ll see once everyone goes)

Cece – Wind Beneath My Wings – This is the first sob story tonight that made me cry.  Unfortunately, I am still not a fan of Cece or her singing.

Fifth Harmony – I’ll Stand By You – Really loved this performance! Perfect song choice and it was probably my favorite of theirs in the competition so far.

Beatrice – Chasing Cars – Still not a fan of Beatrice. Still can’t quite put my finger on it.

Vino – God Bless The USA – Amazing performance and I think that America will eat it up. Definitely agree w/ Simon that he could be at #1.

Paige – Everytime – Brave of her to tackle a Britney song but I think she did really well with it!

Carly Rose – Somewhere Over The Rainbow – Another solid performance from Carly Rose. But I was expecting nothing less!

I’m going to pick a bottom 4 – Beatrice, Arin, Cece, Paige

With Beatrice and Cece going home.

And I’m going to be SO wrong. As usual ;)

The show started with a bunch of filler. Which was nice because I had a lot of blogging to catch up on ;)

We find out the lowest vote getter (is that a word? lol) this week was Arin! Well, I had him in my bottom but not a pick for going home. That’s got to count for something. Half a point to me! ;)

Safe to top 8: Diamond, Vino, Carly Rose, Fifth Harmony, Tate, Paige

3 left – Emblem 3, Cece, and Beatrice.  So far I’m liking these odds for getting at least 1 right!

Emblem 3 goes through to the next round which leaves the 2 I had picked to go home as the bottom 2 and guarantees me having one pick right!

Demi sends home Beatrice
Britney sends home Cece
LA sends home  Beatrice
Simon sends home Beatrice which seals her fate to go home.

8. Cece
7. Fifth Harmony
6. Paige
5. Diamond
4. Emblem 3
3. Vino
2. Tate
1. Carly Rose (!!!!)

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