Recently I got the chance to try out a few items from Parnevu’s Hair Care line.  The first I tried was the T-Tree Shampoo.  The Shampoo is therapeutic and is supposed to help lock in moisture, help stop itching and help prevent flaking.  I do sometimes struggle with flakes and I have to say that since I started using this shampoo I have noticed that I have had no problems with any flaking.  When I used just the shampoo, it made my hair feel natural – as in, not weighed down with a lot of junk like some other shampoos do.  This is good.  On the other hand though, it also made my hair very frizzy – the natural state of my hair.  Below you can see me with 1/2 of A Rocket To The Moon – which was taken a couple of days after I started using the T-Tree shampoo.



Parnevu organic T-Tree Shampoo is a unique blend of botanicals designed to cleanse the hair and scalp of impurities. Its ultra rich formula penetrates the hair to replace and lock in vital moisture lost to chemical damage and everyday styling. It leaves hair soft and manageable. Specifically formulated with Australian Tea Tree oil to help eliminate itching and flaking when used on a regular basis.

After using just the shampoo for a bit, I moved on to using the T-Tree Shampoo with the Hair Mayonnaise as a conditioner.  The Mayonnaise is a treatment for Weak, Damaged Hair enriched with Olive Oil, Egg Protein and African Herbs. For deep conditioning it is recommended after shampooing to towel dry hair and massage a generous amount into hair and leave it in your hair for 10 minutes.  I think I might have gone a bit too generous with it, but it just smells so good I couldn’t resist.  It also made my scalp feel tingly – in a good way!

Intense rejuvenating therapy specially formulated for weak, damaged or over processed hair. Enriched with olive oil, egg protein and organic herbs to promote healthy hair and scalp. Parnevu Hair Mayonnaise works from within the hair shaft to help strengthen fragile roots, mend split ends and moisturize dry brittle hair. Conditioning formula combines rich botanicals and herbs for intense healing, olive oil for moisture and the strengthening power of egg protein to help bring hair fibers back into balance. Non-greasy formula leaves hair healthy and silky with added body and shine. Excellent for daily moisturizing treatment or for intense healing in severely damaged or weak hair.


Here’s some pics of my bed head after using the shampoo / mayonnaise and how it looked after I brushed it. Sorry I blurred my face out – it was a bit too early for me to be photogenic ;)  But it definitely gave my hair a lot of curly and wave to it  and a ton of volume – which I think is what was missing when I used just the shampoo!


I received free items to try from Parnevu in return for my honest opinions in this review. All thoughts and opinions re 100% mine and I was not otherwise compensated.

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