Friday night Kris Allen FINALLY returned to Connecticut for a headlining show! (He had been here a few times for radio promo and on tour with Keith Urban and Lifehouse – but never headlining since he got sick on the Idol tour in Bridgeport and couldn’t perform)


I ended up upgrading my tickets to VIP which meant we got to meet Kris before the show and he also did a song for us called “Should I” we were asked not to take video but Kris said that it is out there on YouTube.

At the M&G he asked if I spell my name with an I-E and when I said yes he said that I spell it right. I told him that some people don’t think I do because I have a Y in Kathryn so it should be katy but that’s not how I do it. He seemed surprised I had a Y in Kathryn and he said he had never seen that before and seemed to think it was a bit strange haha  (For those of you that don’t know – his wife is named Katy and I believe it is short for Katherine!)  Then he asked my mom if her name had a Y in it (it does!) and I was going to tease that we really like Y’s in my family but didn’t. ha. (My mom was so happy he asked though because she didn’t think to spell it for him but don’t like when people spell it wrong!)

The M&G was from 6:30-7 and by 7 doors were open so we went to our seats and waiting until 8pm for when Kris would take the stage (there was no opener!)

He is so adorable and such a great performer. I love seeing him!  I also like how he interacts with the crowd. There was a kid in the front row dancing around and he asked for Kris’ hat. Kris said no because then we’d see his hair and then was saying how he loved how kids just don’t care and that if he left the stage the kid would get up there and finish the show for him.  Cale teased that he was Justin Bieber and then Kris said something like.. Justin Bieber is for girls! But then whispered that he liked Justin Bieber but don’t tell anyone. (Oops!)
He also had mentioned that Connecticut was a pretty state and that he didn’t think he had been here since the Idol tour.  At that point I turned to my mom and said “but he didn’t sing!” and a couple other people yelled that out to him and then he went :-O  (Think the face he made when he won idol) and that he had forgotten and then said he was sorry from the bottom of his heart and he apologized and he had never canceled a show before that or since but when he tried to talk nothing was coming out.  Then he mentioned a couple other times that this was to make up for Bridgeport.

He sang a new song that he said will be on iTunes soon… of course – the song doesn’t yet have a name so that wasn’t very good for my setlist. I’ll have to keep a gap in my setlist book for when it does end up getting a name. He also had said that new christmas music is coming soon too! I can not wait!

Out Alive
Better With You
Alright With Me
Vision of Love
Faith / We Are Young
Teach Me How Love Goes
God Only Knows
–song with no name–
Leave You Alone
My Weakness / No Woman No Cry
Live Like We’re Dying

The River
I’ll Be Watching You
Shut that door

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