You might remember back in June, I went to see the XFactor Auditions in Rhode Island.  This week the show premiered on FOX.  Unfortunately, my lovely cable company – CABLEVISION – is in a dispute with the company that provides FOX (and the CW) and because they can’t reach an agreement over money, they have pulled the channel from our cable services.  Pretty awesome, huh?

Fortunately, TheXFactorUSA has a channel on YouTube which posts what I believe to be all the clips of the show (or I should say, what I hope to be all the clips from the show) so I was able to catch up after the fact online. (Cablevision – consider yourself lucky or you’d be getting WAY MORE nasty emails from me…)

On night 1 – Jillian Jensen was on from our auditions.  I posted that I thought at least some of her audition would probably make it to air and I was right! She seems to be getting a lot of press too.

Night 2 had Carly Rose – another one who I mentioned in my recap. She is definitely one of my favorites and I hope that she does well and makes it far in the competition! They didn’t show when Simon made her sing acapella because he didn’t believe it was really her and she also said she had a birth certificate when they were teasing that she coundn’t be 13.

Also from my audition was Patrick Ford.  If I remember correctly he had also auditioned for Idol and said that he had 2 words for Simon which prompted Demi to should out WHERES WALDO! Although I might be getting him confused with someone else who had on a striped shirt. (I kind of wish I took notes because I don’t remember too much now of the minor details)

I’m still undecided if I will be blogging about this show more (If more auditions show up in later episodes I’ll mention that I was there for them) but we will see!  The live rounds start up in November!

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