As a bzzagent, I often get items to check out and review and spread the bzz about.  Recently I was sent the new Dentyne Ice “Split2Fit” packs.  The new packs easily split into two sleep packs of gum that will fit almost anywhere. Shirt pocket, clutch purse, skinny jeans, fanny pack… (kidding!)  You’ll be able to put your NEW Split2Fit pack anywhere you can think of.

Part of the advertising campaign is that you can split your pack and share as well to get yourself in good graces with that girl or guy you might want to hang out with.

It is super easy to split the pack – just open it (it is stuck together with some goo), split it down the perforations and then fit the pack wherever you’d like! No purse? No problem.  The split pack will easily fit in your pants pocket.

I received 3 flavors in a variety pack to try – Dentyne Ice – Peppermint, Spearmint and Arctic Chill.  They were so fun to open and split! The perforations tear really easily, anyone can do it.

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