Saturday night I headed to Bridgeport for the American Idols Live! show at the Arena at Harbor Yard.  I had won tickets so I had no idea where we’d be sitting. Turns out we had 2nd row way near the back of the arena.  Probably the farthest back I had ever been, but it was kind of nice to be able to see the whole stage at all times! Unfortunately though we were near a staircase which meant for the beginning of the show a ton of people came late and were walking past us. Same thing happened at the end so I wasn’t able to take as many photos as I would have liked!

I didn’t realize how much I missed last years season and was not a big fan of this years until they played Stefano and Haley’s songs over and over again! haha.  I mean, this year had a few standouts for me (Skylar, Joshua) but overall it was just “ok”.

I still don’t like Colton – and the fact that he had 2 more songs than on the setlist I had researched before the show was a little bit much. Kind of like Pia last year being the focus.  There was also a Colton shirt… I don’t recall anyone other than the top 2 getting shirts before. But the girls seemed to love him…

Heejun was a bit better than I had expected he would be and we thought that he did really good with Party Rock Anthem.

Overall it was a good mix of a setlist.. Joshua and Skylar were both great.  Though I wish that people stood for them without having to be asked.  It is kind of weird, I remember in years past we stood for almost the whole show, the past couple of years you can easily sit for 50% of the show. And the Idols have to say “cmon stand up!” I am not sure why that is.


Setlist –

Group (minus Phillip) – sing
Deandre – Master Blaster
Hollie/Skylar – Undo It
Erika – Glitter in the Air
Erika / Hollie / Joshua / Colton – Moves like Jagger
Heejun – Green Light
Heejun / Deandre / Jessica – Party Rock Anthem
Joshua / Colton /Deandre / Heejun – Everybody Talks
Elise – Whole Lotta Love
Elise – Rumor Has It
Colton – Meant to Live
Colton – Never Gone
Colton – Piano Man
Group (minus Phillip) – Just the Way You Are
Group (minus Phillip) – What Makes You Beautiful


Jessica – Best Thing I Never Had
Jessica – How Come You Dont Call Me Anymore
Jessica  – Proud Mary
Skylar – Gunpowder and Lead
Skylar – Stay with Me
Hollie – Rolling in the Deep
Hollie – Give Your Heart a Break
Joshua – Runaway Baby
Joshua – It’s a Man’s World
Joshua/Jessica – Knew You Were Waiting
Phillip – Superstition
Phillip – Nice and Slow / Second Chance
Phillip/Elise – Somebody That I Used To Know
Phillip/Jessica – Volcano
Phillip – Home
Girls – Raise Your Glass
Group – Glad You Came

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