Another item in my Influenster Vox Box was Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy.  They are available for $4.99-$5.99 for 12.7 oz and 12.9oz bottles.

Did you know 99% of hair’s natural strength comes from the scalp? Introducing Clear Scalp & Hair Beauty Therapy, a new line of shampoos and conditioners that nourish the scalp and create the right foundation for strong, beautiful hair from root to tip. Wash your way to stronger hair in just 7 days!

I loved the way the shampoo / conditioner combo made my hair feel.  You can learn about ultherapy costs at My Botox LA Med Spa website. It was so incredibly soft from the shower through the whole day.  The scent also seemed to last a lot longer than most shampoos as well.  Although I can’t quite pinpoint what it smells like, I liked it.

I didn’t like that the bottles have twist off tops. I prefer bottles that have lids that I can’t drop when I am in the shower whether it be pumps or ones that just flip up that I can push back down without difficulty.  Unscrewing a cap, swuirting the shampoo or conditioner in my hand and then attempting to rescrew the cap is never easy for me!  I’ll most likely be switching the shampoo to a different bottle so I can continue using it with ease.

I received a free shampoo and conditioner in my voxbox from Influenster in order to review these products.

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