The Mets have decided to have a “concert series” this season, with concerts happening after the ball games.  On Friday the concert was former Idol contestant Daughtry.  I’m not really a huge Daughtry fan, but the game was also the day after my birthday so for a while I was considering going.  Then I was lucky enough to win 4 tickets through the Mets Twitter Trivia Thursday contest!
We weren’t sure where the tickets were going to be as they were at Will Call – and they ended up being in section 507 – 5 rows from the top of the stadium!  But they were free, so we couldn’t really complain.  And I actually don’t mind being that high you can see almost everything (except for the right field foul line area).  It started to rain during the game,but we were the first row with an overhang so for the longest time we didn’t even know it was raining unless we looked in the lights and saw it.  Hooray for staying dry!

Unfortunately the Mets lost 7-6… although that 7th run was actually out at 2nd but the umpires were, well, umpires.  Lots of not so great calls.

The game went pretty late so Daughtry was playing well after midnight.  I’d never been to a show at a ballpark before, but it was on my bucket list so it was nice to cross that off!  It was kind of hard to hear, I am not sure if that was because we were so far up, or what. (We did move down a section for the show and probably could have moved down more but the wait for the elevator was taking too long!)

(not 100% sure on this setlist, but it should be pretty close to accurate)

Feels Like Tonight
Crawling Back To You
Outta My Head
Over You
No Surprise
Runnin Down A Dream
Rebel Yell
It’s Not Over

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