As I’ve mentioned before – I’ve been on a HUGE iced tea kick this summer.  And BzzAgent just helped fuel my addiction by sending me an awesome Keurig Brew Over Ice kit.

If you didn’t know – your Keurig machine can brew more than just hot cups of coffee and tea!  There are specially labeled “brew over ice” k-cups that when used with a plastic tumbler (don’t use glass – the hot and then cold will crack it!) will give you an awesome cup of iced tea or iced coffee!

You can either add the ice first (this is what I do) or add the ice to the tumbler after the coffee/tea has been dispensed in to the cup.  It may take a few tries to figure out the best ratio of ice to drink – or it may take you forever to figure it out because some days I have tons of ice left and other days I feel like it is still a bit too warm.

You can also add your cream and sugar or whatever you take with your coffee / tea just like you would with the hot versions.  I found that the lemonade black tea and the sweet tea that I was sent in the sampler pack were perfect just the way they were and did not need any modifications.  Once  those ran out I picked up a box of Raspberry Sweet Tea and found that I like that a bit better with just a bit of sugar added.

My parents tried out the coffees (I’m not a big coffee drinker – hot or cold) and my mom said she tried hers black the first time and didn’t like it.  Go figure – she never drinks her coffee black so why she’d try the iced black, I don’t know.  Once she did her normal cream she enjoyed things much better.

There is some talk about “doesn’t the ice make there be less flavor?” and I have to say – NO.  I don’t know if they make these stronger because they know they will be mixed with the ice – but I definitely do not think that anything is lacking in the cups that Ive made because there is ice in there.

The only problem now is that we only have 1 tumbler and are always fighting over it!  We definitely need to get some more before summer is over so we can all enjoy brewing over ice at the same time 🙂

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