The first scrapbook post of the year! If you remember I gave myself a challenge to use song lyrics to theme my pages and include them on the page or work it into the layout somehow. I have to say, I was doing AWESOME with this in the beginning and now that it is June I am really kind of “ehhh” about it. I did race to work on a few layouts over the weekend (not done yet so not pictured) and realized I was really straying from this. I am going to try and re-focus over the next few weekends and see what I can come up with. (My room being a mess and lack of access to my Silhouette is surely part of the reason I am slacking so much but it may take me an entire weekend to get the table it is on sorted!)

Under the cut we have a Mets layout from 2011 (I slack on the Mets layouts the most because I think that it will be more fun to scrap in the off season! And then I don’t want to think about them in the off season lol) Kelly Clarkson, Tim Urban, Stephen Kellogg and the Sixers, Matt Nathanson, Concert For Kids, John Mayer (the concert that wasn’t), Hanson, Andy Grammer, Action Item, Javier Colon…

And now that I’m looking at the SK6ers layout I am REALLY not digging it either so it might need some reworking as well.  Most of these layouts were done with the Tombow Adhesive that I reviewed a while back.  See how nothing is curling up or popping off the page? Just how I like it!

Mets 2011

I am totally behind on Mets scrapping. 3 more games to go. 2 from 2011 and 1 from 2012…


Tim Urban (sooner or later i’ll be right by your side)

Kelly Clarkson (ill spread my wings and ill learn how to fly…)

Feb 2012

SK6ers (“My Favorite Place”)

Matt Nathanson (“you make my heart beat faster” under his pic) This one still needs some work because I will absolutely not remember who he is if I don’t add his name and more info about the show

Concert For Kids (na na na na na na na na na na na st jude!)

Hanson (“falling deeper and deeper in love” is the theme though I dont think I actually wrote it on the page… just used a TON of hearts. It was valentine’s day after all!)

Action Item @ Andy Grammer

Javier Colon (stitch by stitch!)

Andy Grammer (crazy would be changing your mind)


John Mayer’s canceled show 🙁


Article from Tulsa World about the Members Only Event in Tulsa. Certain the be the easiest thing I’ll scrap all year 😉