Are you invited to a lot of parties and never know what to bring? Edible Party Bouquet has the answers!  The book has over 40 different arrangements that you can make and bring to your next party – or even make for your own parties!  While I consider myself to be crafty, I don’t really do much with food.  However, this book makes things really simple with step by step instructions and photos as well to help keep you on track creating these party masterpieces!  Some are easier to make than others (Dipp’n Dots for instance is just slices of fruit on bamboo skewers – defintely something I can handle doing!) but all of them look amazing and delicious!

There are different displays for all seasons – so you won’t be bringing a bouquet of flowers to a winter party – you can make a boquet of fruit snowflakes!  Or perhaps a Truffle Tower with red white and green truffles for a Christmas party. (Or change up the colors to match the party theme!)

Not all the bouquets are fruit either – some are candy, brownies, cookies, veggies, etc!  But they all look absolutely fantastic and you will for sure be the talk of the party if you put one of these together at your next get together!

The book is separated into Sweet & Savory so you can make either desserts or appetizers! I have to say, most of the ones I am most looking forward to trying out myself are in the Savory section!  (BLT Bouquet? Pinwheel Palooza? They look delicious and decorative!)

I received a free e-copy of this book from the publisher through NetGalley in order to write this review.


About the Book

Make a lasting impression with a stunning fruit, appetizer or dessert bouquet. Perfect for gift‑giving or any celebration, these 40 homemade, edible centerpieces are easy‑to‑make, inexpensive, and beautiful. Just follow the step‑by‑step instructions to learn how to easily assemble fruit, appetizers or treats into impressive arrangements that will make your next special occasion memorable.

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