We are down to the top 8! I can’t believe that the show is going to be over so soon – especially when earlier rounds were dragging and I thought the show would never end! After Tuesday night each team will have just ONE member left!

Tony (Team Adam) – How You Like Me Now – I looove this song. And I obviously love Tony and want him to win.

Erin (Team Blake)- Without You – Definitely an interesting take on this song but I really liked it.

Chris (Team Christina) – Ave Maria – Perfect song choice for him. Glad he is being true to himself and not conforming to popular stuff.

Jamar (Team CeeLo)-If You Dont Know Me By Now  – Not sure I liked the arrangement of this song

Jermaine (Team Blake) – Open Arms – Wasn’t totally into his performance, but it was good except for a few spots.

Katrina (Team Adam) – Killing Me Softly – Great performance (though her wardrobe choices are questionable. Not so much on this performance but on the group number…)

Lindsay (Team Christina) – Skinny Love –  I couldn’t really get into this at all…

Juliet – (Team CeeLo) – Its a Mans World – Juliet is good. This is probably one of the harder choices for who will go through on a team!

Who I think will make it to the finals:

Team Adam: Tony
Team Blake: Jermaine
Team Christina: Chris
Team CeeLo: Juliet

Finalists advancing:

Team Christina – 104 to 96 – Chris

Team Adam – 108 to 92 – Tony

Team Blake – 123 to 77 – Jermaine

Team CeeLo – 121 to 79 Juliet


And yes… I will be gifting 9 copies of Tony’s song next week so be sure to keep an eye on my twitter and facebook accounts on Monday night where I’ll let you know where to send the email and what the subject should be to get gifted a copy!

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