Thursday night Maroon 5 had a concert at the MGM Grand Casino at Foxwoods.  Originally there was a different opening act announced but a few days before the show Javier Colon tweeted and said that he would be opening, so obviously I was thrilled.
At 7pm the curtain rose and there was Javier with his band.  First he did Someone Like You – an adele cover. Then he did some songs from his album Come Through For You including Running, Raise Your Hand and Stand Up, Man Up.  Everyone was going nuts for his bass player during Stand Up who was dancing around.  Javier said that when they first started playing together he didn’t know that “Big Sexy” did that and was wondering why everyone was going nuts during the song.  He played his next single – Drop in the Ocean which he accidentally said was written by Ron Paul. (It is written by Ron Pope)  and he finished out his set with Stitch by Stitch and Coldplay’s Fix You.  He didn’t talk as much as he did when he is the headliner and mentioned he was trying to fit in as many songs as possible into his set.

Then we had a break and at about 8pm it was time for Maroon 5! Everyone up front rushed to the stage and I commented that I was glad we were not down there. (My friend Jessa that I went with is pregnant and one poke to me would land me on the floor!)

We were hoping they would do more old songs than new since we weren’t all that familiar with the Hands All Over album (I know, I know, I am such a freaking slacker) but were pleasantly surprised when the majority of the set appeared to be from Songs About Jane – which is turning 10 years old.  I can’t believe that I first saw them (almost) 10 years ago opening for John Mayer!

They opened their set with a bit of Stereo Hearts and then went right in to This Love. Which was followed by Harder to Breathe and Sunday Morning. I was becoming nervous that all the songs I knew would make up the first half of the set – but quickly realized they had a LOT more singles than I had thought and so I knew a good majority of the songs from the radio.

Adam seemed to have turned his stage precense into moves like jagger. Which I dont remember him doing the last time I saw them. Maybe the song went to his head. ha ha. He was also pretty funny with his talking to the crowd – saying that if we didn’t participate and help him out we’d all go home crying.  At one point he kept going “Say Yeah!” and then everyone would of course say “YEAH!” and then he said that he wasn’t sure how you end it when you do that and realized that “Everybody SCREAM!” works so then he tried it again with everybody scream at the end and he said that he was now going to use that on tour and thanked us for helping him figure that out.

I thought the set was pretty short and some girls in the elevator when we were leaving were calling it the “shortest concert ever” their main set was about an hour and then we had the encore which brought it to just under an hour and a half.  For the encore they did Moves Like Jagger, Hands All Over (pretty much the only song I didn’t know) and then She Will Be Loved.  I loved how they ended the show with She Will Be Loved and the crowd was split.  The other side was singing “she will be loved” while our side snapped our fingers and sang “I don’t mind spending every day… out on your corner in the pouring rain” and then Adam directed us as a huge chorus.  It was pretty awesome (and the acoustics at the theater are great for this kind of thing), it was such a great way to end the show on a high note.

Unfortunately I was slacking in the charging the camera battery department and my battery died pretty early on and then I discovered the “backup” I brought was ALSO dying.  So I did my best with photos but I did not take nearly as many as I would have liked.  Lesson learned – I’ll be buying an additional charger for the car so this kind of thing won’t happen again (hopefully).  I would have had no problem charging at least one of them on the hour trip up to the casino!

Javier :

Someone Like You
Raise Your Hand
Stand Up Man Up
Drop in the Ocean
Stitch by Stitch
Fix You

Maroon 5:

Stereo Hearts
This Love
Harder to Breathe
Sunday Morning
If I Never See Your Face Again
Makes me Wonder
Won’t Go Home Without You
Pay Phone
Wake up Call
Sweetest Goodbye

Moves like Jagger
Hands All Over
She Will Be Loved

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