Saturday after seeing Honor Society at Garden State Plaza, I went to the Paramus Park Mall and hung out with my friend Marisa who was selling cupcakes and cookies with her new bakery Semisweet.  I had gotten a hotel for the night so I could go to a private Honor Society event on Sunday and thought it would be fun just to hang with her than in the hotel room.

I watched Eli Manning host SNL and then went to bed. At 3am I was awoken by a crazy noise and I was SO confused. I couldn’t figure out what was going on.  Turns out, it was the fire alarm at the hotel! I put my jeans back on so I wouldn’t freeze in my PJ pants and debated taking my stuff outside and then went outside by the car to wait it out. I didn’t see any fire or anything so I figured my things would be ok. About 15 minutes later a fire truck came and the alarms were turned off, but it was definitely rough getting back to sleep. (AND check out was 11 when I thought it was 12 from the site I booked the room on)

I then went to the Fireman’s Hall that the show was being held at.  There were about 20-25 people there in total and Honor Society hung out from 12-3ish.  They mingled, did photos, and then did a decently long set – although I guess it seems longer on paper because they “teased” clips of a bunch of songs that they didn’t want to perform or didn’t remember how to perform them lol  For 2 songs a bunch of the girls went up to sing while the guys played, I have videos of it which I will be sharing hopefully before I head off to Tulsa! (Trying to balance work plus photos and videos when working extra hours is not easy!)

Somehow I ended up not talking to Jason at all, and I really don’t know how that ended up happening.  Once he was coming towards me and said hi, but then a couple other girls started talking to him and a couple other times when I headed towards him he got pulled away by someone else too. I am not sure how it always ends up that I spend the least amount of time with Jason!

After the performance there was birthday cake for Alex (his birthday is the 21st) and he was singing happy birthday too and clapping and being all happy and then everyone went “Dear ALEX” and he was SO surprised the cake was for him. I hope someone captured that on video because it was hilarious.

The party cost $60 to get in to to help split the costs of booking them and I have to say it was the best $60 ive spent in a LONG time. So much fun!  One of the girls there is booking them in August so I am hoping I’ll be able to make it to that one as well – it will be a blast!

See U In The Dark
Deserted (tease)
Run For Your Money
The Takeover
Heartache in the Suburbs (tease)
The Hunger
One of a Kind
When I Get Home
Livin a Lie
Jane Says (tease)
Where Are You Now (w/ the girls)
Over You (w/ the girls)
This Bed Is An Ocean
Here Comes Trouble

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