I was looking through some of my old scrapbooks and realized that a lot of the pages look just thrown together, where as the ones where I take time and make them unique still look really cool.  So for 2012 I decided to go back to that and not make pages just to get my list of things to scrap down, but do it because I had the inspiration to make a great page. (So be prepared for scrapbook posts to be a bit fewer and less often in 2012)

I also decided to take things a step farther and give myself a challenge – a lyric challenge.  Sometimes at shows there is just a song or a line in a song that stands out to you.  Maybe it speaks to you in that moment or maybe you end up singing it for days and days and days after the show.  Either way – I’ve decided to take 1 line / verse / etc from a song performed at the show and somehow incorporate that into all of my scrapbook pages in 2012.  For now I am trying to stick with original songs by the artist – but we’ll see what happens because a cover performance may strike me as well.

I’ll try to note the lyrics in my scrapbook posts (if i remember) so keep a look out for them in 2012 scrapbook posts! And we’ll see how long I keep it up for!  So far I have 2 pages almost done for 2012 and both incorporate a lyrics into their layout and have the lyric on the page. I have 9 more concerts to scrap and I’ve picked out the lyrics, now to just get the inspiration for the pages!


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