Sponsored by Tomoson.comI’m quite picky with my coffee.  There are only a few brands that I like.  Also, with having ceramic braces I am always a bit paranoid about the coffee staining my teeth and/or braces. When I found out about Tyler’s Coffee, I was interested and decided to give it a try.

You see, Tyler’s coffee uses Z-Roasting which is a process that optimizes the time that coffee beans are cooked.  The result is high levels of caffeine and the beans are free of acid.  Acid free means the tooth enamel is protected and teeth are stronger leading to fewer cavities.

Acid can also result in trouble for your stomach with some coffees.  Because Tyler’s Coffee is acid free, those with sensitive stomachs can enjoy a cup without it wreaking havoc on your digestive track.

Tyler’s Regular Acid Free has a level of caffeine that exeeds most other coffe brands.

I have to say, I was not all that impressed with my cup of Tyler’s Coffee.  It smelled strange, not like the coffee I am used to having and although the cup came out VERY dark, the flavor was very weak.  I don’t know if I made the cup wrong, or what.  I will however say that it definitely had that kick of caffeine I was looking for – perhaps even too much as I did end up staying awake a bit longer than usual. (That’s what I get for having coffee in the evening)

I also had my parents try a cup of the coffee and while they drink much more of a variety of coffee than I do, they agreed that the coffee was weak and it probably wouldn’t be something they’d try again.

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