Well, the Top 13 have been revealed. Honestly I think it was too quick to cut everyone in half like that… but we’ll just have to see if those that made it through continue to be consistent and good!

My picks were:

Phil Phillips – RIGHT
Joshua Ledet – RIGHT
Aaron Marcellus – WRONG
Reed Grimm – WRONG (at least I was close and he got picked for wild card performing)
Adam Brock – WRONG
DeAndre Brackensick – RIGHT
Colton Dixon – RIGHT (ugh)

The guys I was missing from my list are Heejun Han (grr!), Jermaine Jones and Jeremy Rosado (ugh).

Erika Van Pelt – RIGHT (though I can’t believe she had to be a wildcard! she’s so good!)
Hallie Day – WRONG
Skylar Lane – RIGHT
Hollie Cavanagh – RIGHT
Shannon Magrane – RIGHT
Jessica Sanchez – RIGHT
Elise Testone – RIGHT

So it looks like I did a really good job picking the girls. The guys, not so much. I tended to go more with who I’d like to see of the guys than who I thought America would pick so that is what did me in. With the girls I guess I was a bit less biased and went just for how they sang.

And can we please, please, please ban Adele from being sung on the show again? I mean.. what was it – 4 performances this week that were her songs? Enough!

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