Author: Joseph Sandoval

It’s so nice being a small business owner with kids – I’ve never had a job with so much flexibility and it’s totally needed at this time in my life. I didn’t imagine owning my own company at this point but it just kind of happened – my stationery hobby turned into a website and that’s really started rolling and here I am making more money than I ever thought possible doing something I love. I have also quite recently begun spending more time on sites such as Salesforce looking for a trustable CRM software, as its high time I implement one in my business. It’s been really fun learning the technology behind my smallbusiness.xo website and design applications and I really loved being able to stay home with my kids when they are sick and having dinner on the table at six o’clock when my husband comes home. Owning your own company is a lot of work and a ton of responsibility but not having to sit in a cubicleevery day and ask a boss if I can take off the afternoon to go to a doctor’s appointment for pick my child up from school is really invaluable if you ask me.