Johnny kicked off Hollywood week. I think he’s my favorite. We’ll see how many more I add to that list throughout the next couple of weeks of Hollywood.  I also really like Baylie. Oh, wait… are they only re-showing us the people we already know and like? I don’t think I need to re-mention everyone I already liked lol There were a couple people I was a bit bummed to see go, some I didn’t think were that great that probably shouldn’t have been in Hollywood got cut as well.

Of course, our DVR made us miss the drama at the end of the episode.  Although we were watching it “live”, we had 2 shows set to record at 9pm which is the max. So once 9pm rolled around, the channel automatically changed.  I am not sure why Idol is still having trouble being in their alloted hour – even when the episodes were pre-edited and aren’t live?

Fortunately it sounds like we didn’t miss much as the outcome of her fall opened up Thursday night’s show. (And luckily the girl was ok!) Although then we see a preview with even more people passing out! Wow! I wonder if they forget to eat + nerves makes them pass out?

The group episodes are always my favorite because they bring the drama.  What was with the girl asking everyone if they liked cops? I wouldn’t go around asking everyone if they like engineers! If you can sing you can sing who cares what your current day job is?

Also that one kid complaining about the cowboy… just do what you gotta do and stop with the complaining! I think the only thing he does on camera is complain! He made me so angry haha.

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