Thursday night was Hanson’s 6th time playing the Starland Ballroom! (And my 66th time seeing them.) This was an additional show that they threw in to the mix when making up a couple of the canceled shows from the Musical Ride tour.

Opening up was Joanna Burns, who seemed to do an awful lot of songs.  The highlight of her set was the medley she did of Christina, Mariah, Whitney and other power house female vocalists.  I think she really won over the crowd with that one – but then lost them when she did 2 more songs.  Maybe she should have ended her set with the medley.  Random fact – she mentioned she opened for Hanson once before at Starland with April Smith and the Great Picture Show. She was enjoyable though – it just seemed like her set went on for ever (and it is probably just because I am always incredibly impatient when I know Hanson is about to perform.)

Then it was time for Hanson.  I was teasing saying I could name the whole setlist before they did it – but I guess they heard me and decided to switch things up, well, a lot.  And I got the new song I had been hoping for when they threw in Ray Charles “What I’d Say” (at least, I think that is what the name of the song is) during Thinking Bout Somethin.  I knew something was up when before the song started Isaac walked over and said something to Zac and then something to Taylor.

They threw Stories in the mix for the acoustic part of the set, since they are celebrating their 20th year as a band.  For the solos, Zac did Go on guitar (I was glad because I couldn’t really see him at the drums because of his mic stand and everything else he had rigged up over there at his set), Isaac did Being Me – which marked my 12th time hearing him sing that (ughh) and Taylor did Me Myself and I.  I’m not sure he has done that one as a solo before! (And my goodness it sounds so much like Song to Sing I get them so confused with the opening notes!)

When Zac sings Oh Darling, he holds out one of the “ohhhhs” for a really long time.  Taylor was trying to pump everyone up and running around the stage getting us to cheer.  When Taylor got to Zac’s side of the stage, he ended the note and Taylor had to run back to the piano to start playing the rest of the song. It was hilarious.

For the encore, Zac said he got new drums.  Taylor asked to hit the lights and the drums LIT UP and changed colors. They were awesome.  Zac after the show mentioned that they are from a company he’s been working with and the making of them will be a TV show.

After the show we waited by the bus – and Zac was the only one to come out. I got a photo with him, although it is awkward because he was on a ramp and I was on the ground… but that’s quite alright.  Though things did get a bit crazy when he came near us, people climbing all over me and on the ramp railing (where I had claimed my spot as soon as we walked outside!) and on my head. But I survived and didn’t go ballistic on the girls standing on my head (although I really wanted to. I mean, really, there is no reason to climb all over other people when Zac is really good about trying to get to everyone.)  At midnight Zac went back to the bus, which turned on, so we figured they would be making their way out and headed to our cars – while the venue proceeded to turn off all the lights on us.  And I made it back home to CT in record time! (No road work! woooo!)

Waiting For This
Where’s The Love
Thinking Bout Somethin / What I’d Say
This Time Around
Crazy Beautiful
These Walls

Penny and Me
Sunny Day / Cecelia
Zac solo – Go
Isaac Solo – Being Me
Taylor Solo – Me Myself and I

With You In Your Dreams
Oh Darling
You Never Know
Minute Without You
Get Up And Go
Give a Little
Lost Without Each Other

And I Waited
Voice in the Chorus